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Market Overview

SORA opens a new
AI video revolution

With the emergence of the SORA mega-model, the AI video field is undergoing a revolutionary transformation. With its powerful computing and learning capabilities, the SORA mega-model has brought unprecedented possibilities to AI video generation. Unlike previous models, SORA can more accurately understand and mimic human creative thinking, thereby generating more diverse and high-quality video content.

This technological breakthrough not only elevates the quality and realism of AI videos to a new level but also brings a completely new experience to video creation and viewing. The emergence of the SORA mega-model marks a new starting point for the AI video field, ushering in a new era of comprehensive innovation.

SORA’s revolutionary advancement will bring huge changes to streaming platforms

The revolutionary advancement of the SORA mega-model will bring about a significant transformation in streaming platforms. Compared to traditional models such as Pika, Stable Video Diffusion, and GEN-2, the SORA mega-model has achieved significant progress in multiple aspects.


Advantages of SORA Mega- Model in Video Generation

The revolutionary advancement of the SORA mega-model will bring about a significant transformation in streaming platforms. Compared to traditional models such as Pika, Stable Video Diffusion, and GEN-2, the SORA mega-model has achieved significant progress in multiple aspects.


Enhanced Video Stability with SORA Mega-Model

The SORA mega-model surpasses traditional models like Pika and Stable Video Diffusion in maintaining video stability and quality control. It effectively mitigates issues such as image shaking and blurring during video generation, resulting in clearer and more stable video content.


Enhanced Personalization with SORA Mega-Model

The SORA mega-model excels in providing personalized recommendations and optimizing user experiences. Unlike GEN-2, it precisely tailors recommendations and optimizations to user preferences and behaviors, thereby boosting user satisfaction and engagement.

Model Dev Team Release Time Core Algorithm Duration Quality Effects
Sora Open AI 2024.2 Transformer+Diffusion Model, part of the training and inference process Call DALL ·E3 and GPT Max 60s High The model handles complex scenes with logic, enabling multi-angle camera switches, customizable video length and size, and forward or backward continuation.
Pika Pika Labs 2024.2 Diffusion Model Max 60s High The consistency of the visuals is good, supporting modifications to specific parts of the video content and camera movements.
Stable Video Diffusion 2024.2 Stable Diffusion Model Max 60s High Supports 3D synthesis and transformation from single to multiple visual perspectives.

About Hulu

at A Glance

HuluCool is an intelligent decentralized streaming platform based on the Sora mega-model, aiming to provide an exceptional AI video generation and sharing experience. Our platform is driven by the Sora mega-model and utilizes advanced artificial intelligence technology to offer users high-quality AI video content.

Whether watching, creating, or sharing videos, users can participate in our unique “AI to Earn” incentive model, earning generous token rewards, thereby promoting content creation and community interaction. This incentive model not only encourages user engagement but also enhances user platform loyalty.


Our Mission

To become a globally leading Web3 streaming platform, creating a platform for socializing, creating, and sharing, revolutionizing traditional streaming experiences, redefining the future of digital entertainment, and collectively sharing the infinite value brought by the platform.

Our Vision

Putting users first, protecting user data privacy, free from censorship restrictions, providing diverse video content, striving to drive the development of the streaming media industry, and building a more fair, transparent, and secure digital entertainment ecosystem.

HULU Cool Core Team



Steven graduated from Columbia University in New York. Before entering the cryptocurrency field, he worked at major banks on Wall Street and co-founded an investment fund. His strong financial industry background sparked his interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain.

In 2017, he successfully joined a leading streaming platform, injecting new energy and experience into his career. Since then, he has held senior positions in established projects. His interest in blockchain technology and the real-world application of cryptocurrencies, combined with his passion for movies, motivated him to establish and manage HULUCOOL.

David Lee


David Lee graduated from Stanford University. Prior to his involvement in cryptocurrencies, he worked in finance and co-founded a successful fintech startup. His interest in blockchain grew from his background in finance and technology.

In 2018, David entered the blockchain industry, quickly rising to senior positions in a decentralized finance platform. He is passionate about exploring practical uses for blockchain and driving innovation in the industry.

Ava Mitchell


Ava graduated from MIT and is a seasoned creator in Web3 technology with exceptional leadership skills. She previously worked as the Chief Technology Officer at a leading blockchain startup, guiding teams in developing various blockchain projects. Ava’s expertise in Web3 streaming media provides the company with a clear technological vision, focusing on practical applications like ZKP and DID technologies to maintain technical leadership.

HULU Cool Features


Streaming Video Library

Provides the latest popular movies, original series, documentaries, and more, allowing users to watch anytime, anywhere.


AI Video Generation /Sharing

Generate your own A video and share it to earn rewards.


Video Creation and Sharing

In addition to watching videos, you can also create your own videos and share them with users globally.


Earn rewards through AI to Earn.

Users can earn token rewards for various AI creation activities on the platform.


Decentralized Creative Platform

Global users can engage in creation on the platform, building a decentralized video creation platform.


Powered by the Sora mega-model

Leveraging the Sora mega-model to provide advanced AI video generation technology, ensuring the quality of user-created videos.


AI Video Creation

The streaming industry is rapidly evolving, with users’ demand for online viewing and consumption habits continuously changing. AI creation will intensify this trend.

Video Sharing Platform

Users can freely interact on the platform, sharing videos generated by AI and engaging in discussions.

AI 2 Earn Incentive Model

Through the unique AI to Earn incentive model, users can earn token rewards for various activities on the platform, stimulating their participation and enhancing user experience and loyalty.

SORA Technology Support

Leveraging the SORA mega-model to provide advanced AI video generation technology, ensuring high-quality and highly personalized video content for users.

HULU.COOL’s Technological Advantages

SORA AI Mega-Model


Decentralized Identity (DID)